3 Fun Life Hacks for Creative New Year Decluttering


3 Fun Life Hacks for Creative New Year Decluttering

How did your first couple weeks of 2016 go?

I found a fun and effective way that helps me get back to the productive mode is crafting some simple and creative items. These items are also great for de-cluttering your space.
1.Clothespin Headphone Organizer: I didn’t invent this, but it’s very easy and fun to make your own. Especially if you’re like me who has too many clothespins lying around.

  1. You’ll need two clothespins, a glue gun and some hand sewing thread with a needle
  2. Glue the clothespins together like this
  3. Add hand sewing thread to further secure them (utilize the tight gap underneath the metal to secure the knots and keep the thread from getting loose)
  4. Don’t forget to personalize it: I used a liquid chalk marker and a Sharpie – Voila!
    I found the best way to wind Apple headphones is starting with earbuds. This way the controller lie flat alongside the pins

2.Paper Bag Card Organizer: some greeting cards are too precious to be thrown out or tucked away. Re-purposed small paper shopping bags can create extra space for storing them. And if you have a corkboard, all you need is a pushpin.  How easy is that?
3.Tic Tac Pin Dispenser: next time you see one of these, don’t let them slip away. They are my favorite tool for organizing safety pins or paperclips. Dress them up pretty to make organizing more fun.