Hey, why are there only 3 products?

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Hey, why are there only 3 products?

…. might be your first question when you visit tjuladesign.com.

While TJULA isn’t supplying all your wardrobe essentials yet, this is only the beginning of our journey. And we’re taking conscious steps to create products that work for you through:

— mindful sourcing and production that aren’t aiming for volume and profits, but instead create fair work for women at our social enterprise partner

— unique and practical designs that don’t chase the latest fashion trends, but keep you elegant and comfy in everyday urban life.

We’re here to create ethical fashion items so you can shop at TJULA with ease. Come try on the pieces we’ve made for you; drop us a line at hello@tjuladesign.com or buzz us on social media (here, here & here). Tell us what you like and what you want TJULA to make. We’d love to hear from you!