“Who are your competitors?”

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“Who are your competitors?”

People have asked me, “Who are your competitors?

What competitors? At TJULA Design our dream is seeing the industry and marketplace transformed with ethical practices that treat workers fairly, are gentle on the planet, and enhance equality. We don’t see “competitors” but rather trailblazers whom we admire.

Here are 5 of them:

It’s unusual to see a “FACTORIES” section on a retailer’s website. You can see where the factories are, their background information, and also photos from the production floor. That's Radical Transparency!

There are good reasons why Fortress of Inca is our first choice for a free-giveaway collaboration. The unique and stylish shoes caught our attention, and then the travel-inspired founding story resonates with us. After reading the company’s philosophy, we became a loyal follower.

Are you a creative creature that sometimes enjoys minimalism, but other times loves a bold mixture of colors and textures? If yes, FASHIONABLE gets you. They also share TJULA’s strong belief that empowering women is one of the most effective ways to change the world.

The product designs take our breath away. The most impressive part is they show you the name and the face of the person who made each piece of your purchase. Stay tuned for a free giveaway! 

­…. is the best place to get your t-shirts & sweatshirts! The unique purchase experience creates an intimate connection with you and the planet. We were so excited to see where our trees would be planted.