5 Easy Gift Wrap Ideas


5 Easy Gift Wrap Ideas

Holiday gift exchange time is almost upon us. Where are you with all the gift prepping, wrapping, labeling and logistics? If you’re like me, someone who enjoys exploring creativity and making things with my own hands, then shopping for store-bought and ready-made items just don’t seem to be a highly attractive weekend activity. Originality and handcraft often bring me more joy than commercially mass produced products. This reflects in my gift-giving as well as gift-wrapping choices. At multiple occasions, I’ve noticed that homemade gift wraps stand out with a unique personality in a pile of store-wrapped boxes. Often times it’s the re-purposed wrapping materials that show off the sender’s creativity and add fun to the receiving experience.

To some people, this “homemade” idea could seem intimidating. After all, everyone’s busy. Who has the time to brainstorm creative ideas, gather materials and find time to make it happen? Picking things up at stores when everything’s taken care of sounds like a time-saver. If this option suits you best, go for it. However, if you’re ready to try your hands on homemade and creative gift wrap to suit your unique gift items, here are five ideas to get you started. You might find the materials already exist around your home:

Newspapers: What? Who still subscribes to newspapers anymore?! This is not the newspapers that were delivered to people’s front doors every morning. But the free ones in the newspaper stands at street corners. The ones you grab a copy to flip through while waiting for the bus or look for Sudoku while waiting for your coffee at a cafe. These are free and re-purposed gift-wrapping materials! Pick a page you like. With or without photos, colored or black & white. Wrap your gifts and add a small decoration if you choose to. Voila!

Waxed baking sheets: The corner store closed before you can find time to buy wrapping papers? Don’t panic, go look into your kitchen supply. If you have waxed baking sheets lying around, they work just as well. I love baking sheet wrapping because it brings a retro and handcraft look to the gift. Add a layer if the sheet is too translucent.

Brown paper bags: Don’t toss these into the recycle bin if they are clean to be re-used. They can come in handy in many occasions. If your gift is too big to be placed directly into a bag, slice open the glued edges to use it like a piece of wrapping paper. This option can be paired with hemp strings, a pine cone or leaves for a more festive look.

Old sweater or t-shirt: An old sweater or t-shirt can be easily turned into a bag. T-shirts can be made into no-sew bags if sewing sounds like too much. You can find tutorial videos online for this fun and quick DIY, here is one I like. Tie the bag handles into a knot and add a small decoration on it. The receiver can even reuse the bag. That’s two gifts in one.

Glass or Mason jar: I have a small collection of glass jars in my kitchen. Whenever I buy or receive goods that come in useful glass jars, I wash and reuse them. They serve as great containers, for dry goods, soup, salad dressing, leftovers, and small gifts. You can also have a lot of fun with them. Paint, draw or add decals on them. The idea is limitless.