April Celebration: Earth Day & Fashion Revolution Week

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April Celebration: Earth Day & Fashion Revolution Week

April is an exciting month for many, including the fashion industry. It’s the month we celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) and Fashion Revolution Week (April 24 - 30). Earth Day is now recognized in 192 countries around the globe. It’s a reminder to appreciate our planet and to minimize our footprint as though everyday were Earth Day. Fashion Revolution, on the other hand, is a newer initiative which focuses on addressing the impact of the fashion industry. It’s an empowering movement that invites everyone to join the conversation and be an influencer. Ask for more transparency and accountability from brands and manufacturers, and as well we must reflect on our own fashion consumption habits and how much those of us take it for granted in wealthy economies.

TJULA Design started out with a focus on positive social impact while being mindful of our production footprint. Most of the fabric used is industry leftover yardage which would normally be bound for landfills simply because yardage wasn’t enough to meet mass production targets of large clothing empires. Our product design concentrates on simple styles with unique details that can stay in your wardrobe for years. Compared to major brands, which release new styles every week or every other week, TJULA Design doesn’t adhere to the fast-paced and disposable nature of mainstream clothing brands.

During this Fashion Revolution week, follow @TJULADesign on Instagram to meet the workers who make our production. Show us the labels in your wardrobe with #tjula #fash_rev.