Local or Global?

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Local or Global?

In the wake of realizing fast fashion’s social and environmental impact, buy local has become a growing movement and Made in (North) America has been a well-received standard regarded highly by many. While I love and support local designers and grassroots businesses, I strongly believe in the under-fulfilled potential in women no matter where they are.

Love your local brands, but don’t pass on something just because it’s made in a foreign place. Find out where the product is from and who made it. It could represent the livelihood of a family, or the education of their children. Everyone deserves an opportunity and your support could be it.


Here are a few brands that I love, local or global:


Novica: This is a great place to find unique craft items in which the craftsmanship and skills are preserved and highlighted. Knowing your purchase directly empowers the artisans adds satisfaction to the experience.


The Root Collective: Buying a pair of shoes here is like going to a neighborhood shop. You’ll know the names and faces of those who make the shoes and the families your purchase will contribute to. The shoes might take a little time to be made, but they’re totally worth the wait.


Better Life Bags: These bags are so beautiful I can hardly decide which one to buy. They’re true testimony that women make incredible creations even when faced with great life challenges. Their amazing work resonates with me deeply and is something that TJULA aspires to be.