My Top 5 Travel Tips

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My Top 5 Travel Tips

Summer is almost in full force and it’s one of the best times to travel. Do you have any destinations in mind this year? Wherever you go, don’t forget to take care of yourself in order to enjoy your trips. Whether it’s hot and humid tropical areas, cold and dry high altitude mountain ranges, or long transits by plane, boat or bus, I’ve found these few things essential. They help me stay healthy and safe during my adventures.

  • Stay hydrated: In my experience, water is one of the things that can improve my well being instantly. It’s sometimes hard to come by when visiting places where safe drinking water requires extensive processing. Often times I had to consume bottled water. Unfortunately, not all places have the means to recycle plastic bottles. If you know the place you’re visiting has public water sources, bringing a compact water purifying kit might not be a bad idea.

  • Stretch: Since traveling disrupts our daily routines, often times our workout routines are put on a pause. This is especially difficult when the trip involves long plane or bus rides. I’ve found a few minutes of stretching awakens my body and muscles, helps with circulation and prevents joint pain or soreness. This can be easily done in a small space wherever possible. If conditions allow, a few downward-facing dogs doesn’t hurt either!

  • Pack versatile items - think layers: Even with a weather forecast, there’s no guarantee how it would be when you’re out and about. I find packing items that can be layered up is the best way to make sure I stay comfortable no matter how the weather changes. In terms of safety, zipped pockets are my best friends. Pockets with secure zippers simply free up my mind to focus on enjoying the experience instead of keeping an eye on my small personal belongings. I’ve also learned to distribute cash and valuables in a few places and not put them all in one place.

  • Download maps beforehand: With technology nowadays, many aspects of traveling have become easier and more convenient. Even if the place I’m going to is well-developed, I like to review the streets and directions in advance and be mentally prepared. This also helps me blend in with the locals and be more at ease. There are good gps apps which allow you to download maps ahead of time and use them offline, even if you’re just checking if you’re going in the right direction!

  • Prepare emergency essentials: A small first aid kit and a short list of emergency contacts are essentials to me. I keep these in easily accessible places and hope to never have to use them. If anything does go awry though, you’ll know where to look for them. Hopefully, this little forethought will make whatever situation you’re in easier to deal with.

Lastly, like everyday life - use common sense. Being a visitor in new places can be exciting, intimidating or a mix of both. One of the most important reasons why I love traveling is the new experience it brings, through which I often gain deeper understanding of people and their environment. Besides having faith in people, don’t forget to stay observant, keep your wits about you, and show respect towards the local people and places.