Our People: Meet Sakoam

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Our People: Meet Sakoam

The women TJULA works with are daughters and sisters. Some are also mothers, students and entrepreneurs. They’re all hard workers motivated not by personal ambition, but by the desire to see betterment of their families. One such inspiring woman is Sakoam, who helps manage the sewing center. She translates customer requests to the technical designer, coordinates material and delivery logistics and works with the technical designer on managing production.

Sakoam comes from a farming family that is hours away from Siem Reap. She first came across Life & Hope Association via PAGE, Program Advancing Girls’ Education, in order to pursue high school education in a safe environment without long daily commute. At PAGE, young girls receive support in food, accommodation and study groups. Being away from home, the girls at PAGE bond like a big family. Sakoam met one of her best friends at PAGE and they’re both working in Life & Hope Association’s programs. From PAGE, Sakoam went on to complete her university degree as well as a four-year accounting program.

Despite being the youngest of seven children, Sakoam is strong and independent. Middle class in Cambodia is a relatively new part of the society built by people who put in consistent hard work seven days a week. Sakoam works hard everyday to support herself and helps improve her parents’ living conditions. Living and working away from home with little time for leisure could be lonely and challenging. However, Sakoam always wears a stunning smile whenever I see her on Skype or in person. Her positive attitude is contagious and lifts up the people around her.

With intelligence, tireless optimism and a big heart, Sakoam shows warm leadership and builds relationships with the people she works with. She’s funny, lighthearted and an absolute pleasure to be around. Her bright smile shows strength and perseverance. It’s truly an honor to be working with women like Sakoam, who show us resilience, tenacity and meaningful work.