Setbacks Might be Your Signals

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Setbacks Might be Your Signals

I’ll be honest: this venture of lifting women out of poverty through ethical fashion hasn’t been easy. As a tiny organization with very limited resources, we often encounter roadblocks and unexpected changes. We recently ran into significant material sourcing issues. Because we don’t buy and make in large quantity, the supply is not secure. This not only changes prototypes that are half completed, but also pushes some product releases further back and affects half of the planned collection. I won’t sugar coat it. It was very deflating, especially when I was already dealing with damages from an untrustworthy marketing service provider. For a moment I started questioning the purpose of all the hard work and headaches. Is it worth it? Are these signals from the universe telling me to give up?

In challenging times like this I use the questions Chris Guillebeau suggested in his latest work, ‘Born For This’ to help me make decisions:

           Is it working?

           Are you still enjoying it?

My instinct told me to exhaust all possible solutions before cancelling any styles. After further conversations, new ideas trickled in. The solutions won’t be immediate or perfect, but they shed light on strategy tweaks and new directions. The upside of being a small organization is more flexibility to handle change. Once new ideas started rolling in, I felt a new sense of gratitude: When a door is shut closed in my face, it might be the universe’s way of telling me to choose another one.