What is TJULA?

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What is TJULA?

“How do you pronounce it?” might be your first question when you discover TJULA. We will not only tell you how to pronounce it, but also what it means.

When we were brainstorming what to name this new venture, we wanted something that’s catchy and meaningful. Since this journey is about working towards liberty, unity and equality through lifting women up with fair opportunities, we wanted the name to speak to these ideas and female strengths. After searching through languages, dialects, legends and ancient myths, when we came across “Tula”, a variant of “Tallulah”, bells rang in our heads. We altered the spelling to make it our own unique name.

The original meaning is “leaping water”. Just like water, we envision women to live with freedom. Sometimes their strengths are being adaptive and following the stream, yet other times they can be powerful and forge new paths.

Finally, it reads like “two-la”, with the “j” being silent.