This Reminds Me

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This Reminds Me


One of the great documentaries found on Netflix recently is “Finding Home”. If you haven’t watched it, a box of tissue and a strong heart are recommended.

Because TJULA works closely with a group of women in Cambodia, this documentary about the country naturally drew me in. The heavy issue of human trafficking in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world is no news to me, but every story still makes me cringe. Women and children are often the most at-risk to be exploited in impoverished environments. The grip of poverty sometimes even strips away the bond between parents and their children, which is something many of us take for granted.

This documentary reminds me of some of the most important reasons why and how TJULA Design was started. Lifting women up is one of the most effective ways to lift the whole community up. We not only want to see no-sweatshop production, but also real transformation in workers’ lives and their families. Women should be valuable contributors in all societies rather than being exploited in dark corners. I firmly believe that through conscious action inspired by compassion and commitment to equality, together we can change the world. Are you with me?