What is TJULA?

Why TJULA Design

Are you looking for — 
Sweatshop free clothing?
Quality products without hefty price tags?
Practical urban styles that don’t go outdated in 6 months?

It’s getting tougher being a consumer. We get it. There have been times when you

... struggle between cheap clothing and questionable quality & source.
... browse premium quality items that would cost months of savings.
... find quality and ethical products, but the styles just don't fit your everyday  life.

TJULA strives to design quality and fairly priced products made by ethical means that fit your modern lifestyle.

What is TJULA?

Why Are There Only Three Products?

Our Story

Having worked in the apparel and manufacturing industries for over a decade, many of us share the same desire to see changes in the industries and communities we work with.

TJULA partners with organizations that train women and develop their skills to produce quality products. The women are paid fair wages in an ethical work environment. A portion of profits from each piece we sell is given back to the community where the product is made through non-profit programs that further local community development. 

Our Partner

We’re honored to work with a social enterprise in Cambodia that started out as a sewing training program for local women. It’s fulfilling to see the women grow and learn, their hard work and determination making a better life for themselves and their families.


Social Enterprise Worker 1 Social Enterprise Worker 2 Social Enterprise Worker 3
Some of the women who turn our designs into reality. #FashionRevolution


Social Enterprise Partner

The women requested a uniform so they don’t have to spend money on clothes.