Q: What does "TJULA" mean? How do you pronounce it?

A: “Tula” is a variant of “Tallulah”; the original meaning being “leaping water”. Just like water, we envision women living freely. Sometimes their strengths are being adaptive and following the stream, yet other times they can be powerful and forge new paths. It reads like “two-la”, with the “j” being silent. Read the full post at What is TJULA?

Q: The product choices are really limited. Are you coming out with more items soon?
A: We understand a small product line might raise questions and doubts when you visit tjuladesign.com. While TJULA isn’t supplying all your wardrobe essentials yet, we’re taking conscious steps towards creating unique and practical designs through mindful sourcing and production that don’t chase the latest fashion trends, but keep you elegant and comfy in everyday life. Read the full post at Why Are There Only Three Products?

Q: Who make your clothes? What makes it ethical?
A: We work with a social enterprise partner in Cambodia that started out as a non-profit sewing training program for women from underprivileged backgrounds. The ten-month training program provides them with employable skills and equips them with a sewing kit upon graduation. Some women choose to stay at the social enterprise sewing center and work after they graduate. The sewing center has continued to improve its quality in craftsmanship and the workplace in order to provide the women with a good environment to make a living wage. Through our partnership with the social enterprise, we communicate Western clothing standards and work together to make quality products.