Our Production

We work with a social enterprise in Cambodia that started out as a sewing training program for local women from underprivileged backgrounds. The sewing school travels to interview the applicants' families to ensure the training program is suitable for them. The school also provides food, clothing & accommodation assistance during the ten months of training. Upon graduation, the women receive a sewing kit that includes a sewing machine and basic supplies. This empowers them to return home and set up their own small businesses or stay and work at the social enterprise sewing center.

When the women choose to work at the sewing center, they receive further training when working on different products. Some further develop skills to become pattern makers or production quality controllers. The women work hard to provide better lives for themselves and their families. Some of them work to ensure their children receive as much education as possible. It is our goal that through empowering women, their whole families will be transformed, creating a positive impact on the generations to come.

I_Made_Your_Clothes I_Made_Your_Clothes I_Made_Your_Clothes
Some of the women who turn our designs into reality. #FashionRevolution