Why TJULA Design


Are you looking for — 

Sweatshop free clothing?
Quality products without hefty price tags?
Practical urban styles that don’t go outdated in 6 months?

It’s getting tougher being a consumer. We get it. There have been times when you

... struggle between cheap clothing and questionable quality & source.
... browse premium quality items that would cost months of savings.
... find quality and ethical products, but the styles just don't fit your everyday life.

TJULA strives to design quality and fairly priced products made by ethical means that fit your everyday life.

Our Story

Many conscientious people who have worked in the apparel industry for any length of time share the same desire to see change in the industries and communities we work with. The industry has taken a larger toll on the workers and the environment since it started churning out more products faster and cheaper than ever. This sector now employs 60 to 75 million people worldwide (2014), having increased by about 70% since 1990. About 80% of the workforce are women and many are mothers. However, we haven't been able to provide them with a living wage or a safe work environment, let alone the economic power to send their children to school.

These hard-working people are trapped in trans-generational poverty and slavery. We intend to change that, one woman at a time.